The Main Hall


General Information

We have carried out many renovations recently. We have been very fortunate to receive funding to make improvements to this hall and later in 2013 more work is planned to install a new kitchen facility to the main hall. A complete new heating system will also be installed this summer, to replace the old existing system.

The hall has a new oak floor. A new ceiling was installed last year with eco friendly new lighting system.

The stage was fitted with new green front curtains and black rear and wing curtains.

The front and rear doors were replaced to give the Hall improved security and safety.

New gates were added this year to improve security .

The hall has had an audit from Disability Essex and gained their approval for the improvements that we made to assist disabled users of the Hall.

The hall has a noise limiter fitted which restricts the use of high volume equipment. This ensures that we do not upset the neighbours and maintains a happy relationship with the local residents.

Unfortunately we can only allow children's parties, adult and teenage parties are not permitted.


  • Main Hall is 50 ft x 25 ft
  • Kitchen
  • Stage
  • Toilets
  • Car park with disabled parking facilities

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